Welcome to Navigator Accounting & Tax

Navigator Accounting & Tax is the taxation division of the Navigator Financial Group. Navigator Accounting & Tax is a chartered accounting firm, we provide a range of services to our business owner and individual clients.

For business owners we provide:

Taxation Advice & Structuring


Australian tax law is complex and constantly evolving. We assist small and medium sized business owners with structuring their affairs to legally minimise taxation via the implementation of tax effective structures and strategies. A range of options exist – sole trader, partnership, company and trust – we can advise on the taxation implications of each on your situation. We are registered tax agents with the Tax Practitioners Board in Australia and have a high level of in-house expertise in taxation consulting.

Virtual Chief Financial Officer

Our highly experienced team members have worked in senior finance roles across many different businesses and industries. We are well placed to provide financial management services, as well as insights and analysis to your business. We deliver a range of Virtual CFO services to our clients including:

  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Preparation and interpretation of your monthly financial accounts
  • Cashflow management advice
  • Construction of strategic financial plans
  • Financial modelling and forecasting
  • Advice on acquisitions and divestments including preparation of business valuations using a variety of complex valuation techniques
  • Business process re-engineering to achieve optimal efficiency

Accounting & Bookkeeping


We provide cost effective, efficient and high quality bookkeeping to deliver streamlined accounting and bookkeeping solutions that provide you with accurate financial information in a timely manner.

We endeavour to automate and streamline as much as possible, leveraging leading edge IT architecture that provides real-time data availability. We favour cloud-based automated solutions that enable us to collaborate with our clients in real time and enhance the accuracy of the bookkeeping process. We have Xero certified staff as part of our team who can assist in providing a comprehensive and streamlined bookkeeping service.

Asset Protection Advice

When you have worked hard, made sacrifices and accumulated a solid base of assets and investments it makes sense to protect them as much as possible from exposure to creditors. This is where an effective Asset Protection Plan is vital. In its simplest form, Asset Protection involves effectively structuring the ownership of your assets so that you maintain control over them, whilst not actually owning them in a legal sense. This can assist in protecting your assets from claims made against you personally by creditors.

How much your assets are protected depends on the way you structure the ownership of assets, that is, ensuring they’re owned in the appropriate names or entities. Asset ownership can be accomplished through companies, trusts, partnerships and superannuation – all of which offer different benefits and tax ramifications. On many occasions it is important for business owners to ensure their personal assets are protected from claims made by business creditors.

We can provide advice on the different structures available and the taxation and asset protection merits of each.


Corporate Secretarial Services


We can attend to obligations under the Corporations Law and lodgements with ASIC, including providing a registered office facility. We provide corporate secretarial services including:

  • Creation of structures, including companies, trusts, partnerships and all related documentation 
  • Company registrations and searches
  • Advice in relation to the most suitable structures 
  • Preparation of all associated minutes, resolutions and related documentation

Business Valuations

Business owners understand that there are a number of circumstances in which they may require a business valuation, including:

  • Acquisition
  • Disposal or merger of a business or its assets
  • Support for the carrying value of intangible assets and investments
  • A management buy-out or buy-in
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Business reorganisation

We have in-depth practical experience in constructing complex business models and valuing a variety of businesses across different industries. We can deliver a high quality and comprehensive valuation service that provides you with the ability to make confident business decisions.

When valuing your business some of the key factors we consider are:

Business operations and structure
Appropriate valuation methodologies 
Key drivers of business value 
Financial forecasts/business plans 
Integrity of underlying data
Market analysis
Taxation implications including income tax, Capital Gains Tax and Stamp Duty implications
Timing and stage of business growth


For individuals we provide:

Taxation Planning & Advice

Australian tax law is complex and constantly evolving. We assist individuals with structuring their personal affairs to legally minimise taxation via the implementation of tax effective structures and strategies as well as managing their income tax compliance obligations. Accounting First, our accounting and taxation advice division is a registered tax agent with the Tax Practitioners Board in Australia and have a high level of in-house expertise in taxation consulting.

Superannuation– Compliance


We provide SMSF compliance services to ensure SMSF trustees remain fully compliant. Our services include:

  • Establishing SMSFs
  • Preparation of financial statements & tax returns
  • Facilitation of annual SMSF audits

Property Investor Advice


We combine our knowledge of taxation laws with asset protection considerations to ensure that the optimal structure is in place when purchasing your investment and that income tax is minimised throughout the ownership period. We can also advise you on the capital gains tax implications when it comes time to sell.

Asset Protection Advice

“Asset Protection” is a type of planning intended to protect business and investment assets from creditor claims. It involves various structures and techniques which can protect an individual’s or family’s assets against the uncertainty and risks of business life. We believe all clients should have an Asset Protection program in place and, given our approach to considering the complete breadth of your financial needs, we are well placed to assist in reviewing your Asset Protection position.