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NWM is the financial planning and investment advisory division of the Navigator Financial Group. This division is lead by our wealth management partner, Anthony Moore. We provide personal financial advisory services including personal insurance advice such as life and income protection cover, investment advice including strategic asset allocation advice to both individuals and SMSF trustees and estate planning services. Our services are billed on a fee for service basis and we are independently owned – enabling us to consider a broad range of products across various providers.The range of services we provide to our business owner and individual clients is detailed below.


For individuals we provide:

Personal Insurance


A number of people cruise through life with an attitude of “it won’t happen to me” regarding ill health or premature death. Whilst some people with this attitude will be correct, it is a harsh fact of life that serious ill-health or premature death is more common than many of us would wish to believe.

In fact, in Australia in recent years there have been enough new cases of cancer diagnosed to more than fill the Melbourne Cricket Ground – every year. A sobering statistic indicates the chance of contracting cancer before your 75th birthday is 1 in 3 for men and 1 in 4 for women. In addition, an estimated 47,000 people aged 40-90 suffered a heart attack in 2009, with slightly greater than a third of these not surviving1.

Fortunately it is possible to protect you and your family against the adverse financial consequences of such ill health. At Navigator Financial we can identify the risks that you and your family are placed in if something happens to the key income earners and determine the most appropriate solutions for your individual needs. These can include one or more of the following types of insurance:

  • Life Insurance – Will pay a lump sum upon the death of the insured. Life insurance is an important financial safeguard for your family. Generally speaking, a Life Insurance policy claim would be expected to clear the mortgage, any significant debts, and provide a nest egg for your family sufficient to maintain the current standard of living.

  • Income Protection – Should you become ill or sustain a serious injury that renders you unable to work, income protection insurance helps to replace a pre-determined amount or percentage of your earnings so that your lifestyle is protected and you can concentrate on recovery. However, not all income protection policies are the same. Some make payments only if you cannot work in any occupation – others if you cannot work in your occupation. Some make payments until you reach a nominated age (e.g. 65) – others only for a period of a couple of years. We can assist in recommending which is suitable for you.

    If you’re a 35-year-old Australian with an annual income of $80,000, you could earn around $3.8 million before your 65th birthday2. Considering its multi-million-dollar value, the ability to earn a living might just trump property and superannuation as your number one personal asset. An income protection policy is an effective mechanism to help protect this asset. In some cases, the policy’s premium may be claimed as a tax deduction.

  • Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) – TPD insurance provides a lump sum payment for those who suffer a disability that permanently prevents them from working.

  • Trauma Insurance – Trauma Insurance provides payment in the event of you contracting serious illness and ill health such as cancer, heart disease and stroke. Most policies however, generally cover over 30 specified events such as major head trauma, severe burns, paralysis and multiple sclerosis. Payments made under these policies will assist you in affording appropriate medical care and rehabilitation as well as make any necessary lifestyle changes. The benefits received from trauma cover are tax free.

In delivering the above insurances we select from a broad range of providers. Extensive research is undertaken across the marketplace to develop a list of preferred insurers that we deal with based upon features, definitions, cost and claims payment history. Any commission received by Navigator Financial in implementing your insurance plan is fully rebated. We believe this practice helps us select the most appropriate insurance product for your needs, not simply the one which pays the greatest commission.

1 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 2012. Australia’s health 2012. Australia’s health series no.13. Cat. no. AUS 156. In 2008 ~112,500 new cases of cancer were diagnosed in Australia, in 2012 this is estimated to rise to ~121,500.
2 MLC Insurance – Smart strategies for protecting you and your family – Strategy booklet, p.4 2012/2013 (assumptions: income increases by 3% pa. No employment breaks. Figures rounded to nearest $10,000)

Superannuation – Investment Advice and Operational Processing

  • Implementation of an efficient and cost effective administration service
  • Provision of strategic investment advice across a range of asset classes

Strategic Investment Advice

Our team have a sophisticated knowledge of numerous asset classes, coupled with practical experienced gained at some of the largest financial services firms in the world. Our experience spans listed equity research, private banking, property development and private equity valuation and enables us to provide guidance to clients across a broad range of asset classes. Our knowledge places us at the forefront of personal investment advisory practices in Australia.

From an administration perspective, we determine an appropriate investment platform to suit our clients needs. This may be a simple, low cost structure or, for clients with more sophisticated portfolios, we utilise a leading edge Unified Managed Account (UMA) structure. A UMA is a professionally managed investment service that can accommodate diverse asset classes including Managed Funds, Shares, Term Deposits, Direct Property, Fixed Interest and Cash in a single account and where all, or part of the portfolio, can be rebalanced regularly. The UMA provides consolidated reporting of all holdings, transactions and performance. It also generates the taxation return information at the end of each financial year.


The UMA facilitates three levels of client involvement in day-to-day investment decisions:

  1. DIY (Do It Yourself) – You determine all parts of the investment process and the management of your portfolio. You make all decisions regarding security selection and asset allocation and you implement this online in a cost effective manner.

  1. DIWM (Do It With Me) – You and your financial advisor determine a portfolio together from the available options. Each time your advisor recommends a change or re-balance of your investments, you will be asked to sign off before the change is made. Your advisor handles the execution of each trade.

  1. DIFM (Do It For Me) – You and your financial advisor determine an investment strategy and delegate the day-to-day management of your portfolio to our funds management business. You retain control, and you can access your money or make changes to your portfolio any time, however asset allocation and security selection is delegated via a Managed Discretionary Account Agreement (MDA). Your portfolio will be managed according to the mandate rules and preferences you put in place in the MDA. Investments will be implemented according to your wishes and managedto derive the optimal risk adjusted outcome.

Estate Planning


Estate planning is an important special interest area within financial planning that needs to be considered in association with personal insurance, investment and superannuation strategies.

A well-considered estate plan is central to protecting those you love from claims on their inheritance by those you don’t or loss of entitlements due to inadequate tax, asset protection structures or inappropriate planning.

We not only provide advice in areas of personal insurances, investment strategies and superannuation, but are a trusted and knowledgeable central coordinator privy to your complete financial life who possess a clear understanding of you and your wishes.

We collaborate with your solicitor with a view to creating a fully integrated estate plan that considers all aspects of your life, your family, your obligations and responsibilities, so that your estate plan may deliver the legacy you have outlined in your Will and enduring power of attorney.

For business owners we provide:

Business Owners Insurance


In addition to the personal protection detailed in our Personal Insurances section, for those who are self-employed or have ownership in a business, there are additional insurances to protect your financial interests. There are three key forms of business protection insurance:

  • Business Expenses Insurance– This supports income protection insurance where, in the event of an injury or illness which prevents you from working, the policy is designed to reimburse your business for the business expenses that continue to fall due when you are unable to work.

Business expenses insurance can reimburse you for up to 100% of the fixed business expenses thatcontinue to be incurred while you are unable to work because of a sickness or injury – both your business and your personal finances are protected.

  • Key person protection – Provides cover against business losses that may be incurred as a consequence of the prolonged absence or death of the business owner or a key member of staff.

Generally, the process of securing key person insurance requires the business to secure a corporate life insurance policy for its key employees, business partners or owners. This process is designed to provide a financial benefit to the employers, in the event of the death or prolonged absence of the key persons as outlined in the policy. These entitlements are generally intended to be used to meet the expenses of paying temporary staff or training replacement staff. Further, they may be called upon to cover other losses to “revenue” incurred by the absence of the contributions made by key persons.

  • Buy/Sell protection – This legally binding contract between business partners, facilitates the sale of business ownership when certain ‘trigger events’ including death, trauma and disability occur. In addition to the sale contract each partner also takes out an insurance policy, with the agreement stipulating that if a trigger event occurs, the funds received from the insurance policy will be used to payout their share in the business. This means you, or your estate, would receive the payment, while the remaining partners would receive your ownership interest in the business.

But what are the chances?

You may be surprised to learn that for businesses with two partners, who are currently aged 45, there is a 55% chance of death, total and permanent disability or trauma occurring before age 65 for one of those partners. While for three business partners it rises to 70%, and for four business partners it is a whopping 80%1.

In delivering the above insurances we select from a broad range of providers. Extensive research isundertaken across the marketplace to develop a list of preferred insurers based upon features, definitions, cost and claims payment history. Any commission received by Navigator Wealth Management in implementing your insurance plan is fully rebated. We believe this practice ensures we select the most appropriate insurance product for your needs, not simply the one which pays the greatest commission.

1. Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2005 Australian Life Table.